Babyclick (games for babies)

Babyclick (games for babies) 9

Application for babies and children, contains pictures, sounds, piano and lullabies.

BabyClick games for Babies contains three games and a collection of lullabies

BabyClick games for Babies is an app designed to entertain the little ones.

It contains three types of games:

- The first game contains different types of images and sounds among which musical instruments, animals and means of transport can be found. Your baby will only have to press on the images to enlarge them and hear the different sounds.

- The second game consists of guessing who or what made the sound. After hearing a sound, four random images are generated. The image that corresponds with the sound produced must be chosen, with only one correct answer

- The third game contains a touchpad where there is a choice between two musical instruments: xylophone or piano

There is also a fourth section in which 15 melodies have been added to help the baby to sleep or relax. They can choose the melody playback time (traditional lullabies and varied songs).

BabyClick games for babies is free and loved by infants and children.

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Babyclick (games for babies)


Babyclick (games for babies) 9

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